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Carbon Neutral – Ideas to Deliver ON

How can you manage your PPE to support your strategy to reduce the environmental impact your business has and deliver your commitments ?

We have put together some ideas which are immediately deliverable with positive input and actions

Biotech nitrile disposable gloves – replace your disposable gloves with the Biotech product. An immediate impact on landfill through science

BioTouch contains a biodegradable technology that kickstarts a biodegradation
process only when discarded in an active landfill environment. BioTouch is more
environmentally friendly with a much faster natural breakdown compared to
regular nitrile.

The ASTM long term testing is in place to verify the extent of biodegradation. This
test imitates landfill environments by limiting oxygen, light, heat, and moisture
and imitates high pressure. The results of this test showed that the compounds in
BioTouch result in 90% biodegradation in just 490 days compared to regular
nitrile, which can take over 100 years.

Workwear has been developed using recycled PET (plastic) and fibre technology. High Visibility garments are also now available using the same principles

REPREVE® is the best-known, most reliable fibre made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. It is the only eco fibre with U-Trust verification certifying that the requirements for recycled content have been met. Throughout the supply chain, REPREVE® uses unique Fiber Print tracking technology to test products ensuring that they contain REPREVE® – and in the right quantities.

FE ENGEL garments use Repreve are are available in a number of styles.

ECOVIZ is a fast developing range of high visibility workwear manufactured by LEO and featured strongly in our range.

Whenever the opportunity arises, Leo are looking to use more sustainable components and fabrics. In 2019, Leo replaced the fabric on their very popular Coolviz range to EcoViz® RP, a1 00% recycled polyester which conforms to ISO 20471.This has developed further and incorporates trousers,coveralls,weather wear and Sweat shirts

Footwear manufactured using PET(recycled plastics) and polyurethane under the brand of GREENFIT from Cofra provide high levels of comfort, performance and safety. This range is now extended to 41 styles

You can take positive actions with your choice of PPE,don’t think about it, DO IT

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Manosun Gloves – Innovation

Manosun hand protection brings a change to the end-user experience in selecting and buying industrial gloves, gauntlets and sleeves (PPE).

They have engaged some of Europe’s most respected hand protection specialists to work with the end-users in offering solutions to handling issues as well as product development, not all solutions are on the shelf.

Manosun hand protection is a product manufactured 100% by one 2nd generation factory partner; where product development and yarn innovation come together under one-roof. They take pride in protecting the hands of industry with a pledge that, hand protection although the last line of defence should not be a generic, least considered, consumable piece of PPE.

By selecting the correct hand protection for your needs you can reduce glove usage by almost 48%, you can reduce the severity of injury by 64% and by default; reduces cost to the business and increases productivity and morale within the workforce. 

All Manosun products are manufactured and certified with the latest CE and UKCA standards, we offer a no obligation trial program supported by C R Safety who would be happy to listen to your needs and help in the selection process, as well as conduct an assessment of any task to determine the level of protection needed. Our Manosun Country Manager is Health & Safety trained and competent as well as NEBOSH certified giving you the confidence they are here to help and support. 

Reach out and make the appointment that could change so many factors within your business today, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed and you have nothing to lose.

For more detailed information please follow the link below

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Ukraine – We will do our best to help

It is difficult to know what to do to help and support the people and nation of the Ukraine. What we want to do is not possible or probably legal…..

There is a huge need for clothing and footwear as the people of Ukraine in many instances only have what they are wearing.

A consignment of footwear and clothing has been sent from our warehouse and we are shipping some bottled water providing the logistics support are happy to carry it(due to weight)

Having watched the inspirational concert shown on ITV on 29th March 2022,we have been moved to highlight what we have done and to encourage all our company stakeholders to identify what they can do and to take action….

God bless the Ukrainian people

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) at work regulations from 6 April 2022 – Important Information

On 6 April 2022 the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) come into force and amend the 1992 Regulations (PPER 1992).

They extend employers’ and employees’ duties regarding personal protective equipment (PPE)

Duties unchanged but extended

Under PPER 2022, the types of duties and responsibilities on employers and employees under PPER 1992 will remain unchanged but will extend to limb (b) workers, they have a more casual employment relationship and work under a contract for service – they do not currently come under the scope of PPER 1992, but do under the changes defined in PPER 2022.

If PPE is required, employers must ensure their workers have sufficient information, instruction and training on the use of PPE.

A limb (b) worker will have the duty to use the PPE in accordance with their training and instruction, and ensure it is returned to the storage area provided by their employer.

What this means for employers

PPER 1992 places a duty on every employer in Great Britain to ensure that suitable PPE is provided to ‘employees’ who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work.

PPER 2022 extends this duty to limb (b) workers and comes into force on 6 April 2022. Employers need to carefully consider whether the change to UK law apply to them and their workforce and make the necessary preparations to comply.

What this means for limb (b) workers

If a risk assessment indicates that a limb (b) worker requires PPE to carry out their work activities, the employer must carry out a PPE suitability assessment and provide the PPE free of charge as they do for employees.

The employer will be responsible for the maintenance, storage and replacement of any PPE they provide. As a worker, you will be required to use the PPE properly following training and instruction from your employer. If the PPE you provide is lost or becomes defective, you should report that to your employer. For further information please follow this link

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Dickies was the brand for me but……

Did you like to wear their garments and now cannot buy them in the UK ?

All is not lost as the UNBREAKABLE brand has been born….like Dickies but upgraded quality and design with a reduced price tag.

For a flavour please view(search) KITE PRO trousers and TORNADO waterproof safety boots both on this website. For details of the full range of workwear and footwear give us a call. telephone 01254 271549

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Nett Zero Carbon Business by 2030


We are committed to be a nett zero carbon business by 2030.

Working in partnership with the SME Climate Hub an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the We Mean Business coalition and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

This partnership is an exercise in radical collaboration that opens the doors for SMEs to join the United Nations Race to Zero campaign — an international campaign that brings together an unprecedented coalition of real economy actors and 120 governments committed to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. In collaboration with the Net Zero team at Oxford University they aim to curate tools and resources to specifically address the needs of the SME community.

Our strategy is:

Commit and set a target
Measure and report emissions
Include in our Business strategy
Reducing our own emissions
Reducing our value chain emissions
Contribute to climate action in society

Our actions determine our progress and contribution to global sustainability

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New Sealants and Adhesives

Bond-it sealants and adhesives are now in stock.

For almost two decades, Bond- IT has been a manufacturer of high performance, high quality building chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries, landscaping products and other similar products

n order to address the evolving demands of the industries supplied and keep the range of building chemicals at the very forefront of technical innovation, Bond-IT continue to focus heavily on product development and on the on-going enhancement and refinement of the range

 The main manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire, employs the latest in production technology including a state-of-the-art blending and mixing plant and their own silicone compounding plant, as well as two automated filling machines capable of filling in excess of 40 million cartridges a year.

Follow the link to view the full Bond-IT range

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Selective choice of PPE helps the drive to be carbon neutral

We are involved in developing a range of PPE that are having very positive impact on the environment and sustainability of our planet.

High Visibility garments (EcoViz) – A range of garments are now available which are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles(PET).This range is constantly developing.

The current known environmental stats that the manufacture of the range has identified to have benefitted the planet are:

Used 350,000 + used plastic bottles

Saved 7500 co2 = the equivalent of planting 7,500 trees

Saved enough energy to power 24 homes for a year.

Engel workwear – Using Repreve fabric

A range of garments are now available which are manufactured from Repreve fabric. .It is made from recyclable materials, including plastic bottles. REPREVE®is the only eco-fiber with U-Trust verification. The number of plastic bottles re cycled and used in the fabric of a:

Pair trousers  = 19

Jacket = 20

Bib and Brace = 23

Safety footwear – Both Cofra and PB are using recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyurethane in the manufacture of some new safety footwear styles which are now avaialble.The range is being developed and more styles will become available in the near future.

We are also seeing this type of technology being developed in safety glove manufacture, this is at an early stage.

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Height Safety

Do you work at height and require fall arrest or restraint PPE ? Please view our updated and revised range of products available from stock. If you need other product types not featured call us on 01254 271549 or e mail

We are here to help you make informed selections on your safety needs.