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Selective choice of PPE helps the drive to be carbon neutral

We are involved in developing a range of PPE that are having very positive impact on the environment and sustainability of our planet.

High Visibility garments (EcoViz) – A range of garments are now available which are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles(PET).This range is constantly developing.

The current known environmental stats that the manufacture of the range has identified to have benefitted the planet are:

Used 350,000 + used plastic bottles

Saved 7500 co2 = the equivalent of planting 7,500 trees

Saved enough energy to power 24 homes for a year.

Engel workwear – Using Repreve fabric

A range of garments are now available which are manufactured from Repreve fabric. .It is made from recyclable materials, including plastic bottles. REPREVE®is the only eco-fiber with U-Trust verification. The number of plastic bottles re cycled and used in the fabric of a:

Pair trousers  = 19

Jacket = 20

Bib and Brace = 23

Safety footwear – Both Cofra and PB are using recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyurethane in the manufacture of some new safety footwear styles which are now avaialble.The range is being developed and more styles will become available in the near future.

We are also seeing this type of technology being developed in safety glove manufacture, this is at an early stage.